A hearty, complex red wine with the spiciness of peppercorns, cloves,
cinnamon and allspice, and the fruits of blackberry with a back taste of
chocolate and smoke. A 100%, unblended, Zinfandel with soft tannins.
Bronze Medal Award Winner
$14.50/bottle , $156.60/case*
A wine to complimentary to each and every meal. This golden wine goes
well with fish or fowl. It has been described as buttery, thick, fruity, and
well-finished. A light crisp wine with fruits of fresh cut apple and pear.
A smooth finish with just a touch of oak.
$13.00/bottle , $140.40/case*


Cabernet Sauvignon
Truly a red wine lover's crest of perfection. A perfect varietal with a back
taste of raspberry. Very smooth finish, with soft tannins. Exceptional for
a 100% unblended Cabernet Sauvignon.
Bronze Medal Orange County Int'l Wine Competition
$16.00/bottle , $172.80/case*
A prize winning wine of a deep, dark purple, full bodied blend with soft
tannins. It's delicate flavors will not roll off the tongue. Very fruity taste of
raspberry, and delightful taste of apple and clove on the back taste.
$12.00/bottle , $129.60/case*


A beautiful, very deep purple, full bodied wine with soft tannins.

Delicate flavors of mellow fruit that stay with the taste buds, completethrough the back taste.

$14.50/bottle , $156.60case*
Late Harvest Zinfandel
A deep, red, hearty wine, with all the characteristics of our Zinfandel, but
unfortified, as in a Port. Rampant with tastes of spices and fruit. Very smooth finish
with out the burn of Port on the tongue and throat.
Double Gold Medal Award, Silver El Dorado Co. Fair,
Best of Class California State Fair
$17.95/btl, $387.00*(24 btl case 375ml bottle)


Late Harvest Cabernet Sauvingnon

A deep, dark, fully satisfying wine, with a pleasantly smooth finish.
The blend of cherry, raspberry, raisin with a touch of chocolate and pepper
bring a wonderfully unique flavor with a 17.9% alcohol content and 14.6% residual sugar.
$40.00/btl, $864.00*(24 btl case 375ml bottle)


*10% Discount Included


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